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Vinegar Enriches Our Cooking And Improves Our lives

Japanese vinegar generally refers to Komezu (rice vinegar). It is made from either rice or the yeast used in sake fermentation. Japanese vinegar is milder, more mellow and sweeter than conventional spirit vinegar. Because of this,  Komezu is a versatile vinegar used for making many Japanese dishes, such as Sunomono (vinegar dishes), dressings, Tsukemono (Japanese pickles) and is essential for making Sushi Rice. 

It also can be used for marinades to mitigate the stronger odors of certain seafood and meats.
Rice vinegar is an ingredient with a long history in Japanese cuisine, but there are many other types of vinegar from other grains used in Japanese cuisine as well, such as Sushi Vinegar, Black vinegar, Grain Vinegar, Brown Rice Vinegar and more.

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